331 Dellwood sq. N. , Landfall MN, 55128

Styles:Jazz, Folk – Country – Bluegrass, Rock – Alternative, Blues, Kids, Other
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate
Experience:40 years
Rate:$20 / hr

Personal Statement

I’ve been playing music for 47 years. I’m in the process of writing my own book for teaching music. I do not have a degree in music but I am equivalent to one. I know music theory very well. My sisters taught me piano when I was 7 years of age picked up the guitar when I was about 10. Started to play in rock and roll bands when I was 14. I am 54 now. I taught people from ages 7 to 80 years. So Age and style does not matter. Whatever the student wants to learn and how fast the student wants to learn. I do not put any pressure on the student. And I try to show the student the easiest possible way to learn music
so we can have fun with it.

David Dahl