2801 Upton Street, NW
Washington,  DC,  20008

The Selma M. Levine School of Music provides the highest quality music instruction and performance opportunities for persons of every age, ability and background. The School encourages a love of music, fosters creative expression, and promotes personal enrichment to build community through the universal language of music. The School has built its programs and reputation on two core principles central to its mission: an unrelenting pursuit of excellence and a passionate commitment to accessibility. Levine is committed to providing a nurturing home in Washington, DC for 150 of the area’s finest artist/teachers, who in turn share their extraordinary gifts with more than 3,500 students. In addition to the teaching offered at its four campuses in NW and SE Washington, Maryland and Virginia, the School reaches out actively through its many programs to bring music to the entire community, including those whose economic circumstances would otherwise preclude their participation.

Levine School of Music