Stan Munslow 15 Hancock Drive, Coventry RI, 02816
Instruments:Composition, Ear Training, Electric Bass, Guitar, Music Business, Other, Piano, Theory

Styles:Classical, Jazz, Rock – Alternative, Blues, Kids, Other
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:26 years
Rate:$25 / hr


Personal Statement

To me, teaching music is about kids, not notes. Its about enriching the life of a child by helping her discover the joy, satisfaction, and confidence that creative self-expression can bring. Bottom line: If a tune doesnt have a proud smile following it, its nothing but sound!

I don’t work with any one-size fits all “method.” I meet each student where they are and custom design a lesson that suits their taste in music, capitalizes on their strengths and unique ablilities and talents, and focuses on enjoyment and enrichment.

As a result, some students explore improvisation and songwriting. For others, it’s learning the “real” piano and guitar parts off of recordings. And for others still perhaps a more traditional approach of reading and technique. Perhaps a combination of all three!

Meanwhile, my greatest effort is making sure that each student feels good about themselves, loves what they do, and has fun.

Education / Training

I received my Bachelor of Music Degree from Berklee College of Music in 1981. I graduated Summa cum laude.

Within eight months of graduation, I began teaching full-time at a Coventry area music studio and, in time, I discovered that teaching is my calling.

I’ve had my own studio, The Stan Munslow Studio, since 1989, and while I perform regularly and write extensively on the subject of music, teaching is what I do most.

Over the years, I’ve refined and enhanced my skills and, althogh I teach students of all ages and levels, my specialization is children.

Stan Munslow, Music Teacher – Coventry – RHODE ISLAND