2826 Hwy 100, Centerville TN, 37055
Instruments:Audio Recording, Ear Training, Guitar, Organ, Piano, Recording, Suzuki Method, Theory, Voice

Styles:Classical, Jazz, Folk – Country – Bluegrass, Rock – Alternative, Blues, Kids, World, Electronic
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:several years
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Personal Statement

Jennifer Lyn temporarily delays the music reading process, and begins by distilling music into a fascinating array of special concepts that unfold directly onto the keyboard and guitar. Beginning students, with no need to have their attention on music reading, are free to relate directly to the piano and guitar. Within months, they experience a real freedom with their playing and develop a deep connection to their instrument as they build an extraordinary repertoire that includes contemporary, classical, blues, jazz and accompaniment pieces as well as many more styles of music.

At Jennifer Lyn Piano Studio students experience great results immediately right from their very first lesson. Students also learn how to compose their own songs and are encouraged to be creative. They are playing really advanced songs from the beginning using this easy method that helps build a relationship with their instrument that will last a lifetime. Music is a wonderful thing. Call Jennifer Lyn Piano Studio to schedule your first lesson today.

Education / Training

Jennifer Lyn is a licensed Simply Music educator who has successfully taught many students how to play great-sounding songs on the piano as well as learn how to read the music. She uses a method like no other and believes it is the best method available today!

Some traditional programs focus on developing the ability to ‘play by ear’. In this environment, the student’s success is determined by the strength of their aural-physical relationship with the instrument. Commonly however, students who have a strong reliance on ‘playing by ear’, often rely on this to such an extent that it becomes a distraction and a major hurdle when music reading is introduced.

Other traditional programs concentrate on developing perfection with regard to students’ ‘technique’ – the physical aspects of performance – posture, positioning, execution, fingering etc. Understandably, this requires teachers to have high-level playing abilities and extensive formal training. Whilst these qualifications are necessary in order to teach the very select few who wish to pursue a career in concert-level performance, they usually become the very obstacle in creating a successful, fun-filled and highly positive experience designed to suit the needs of the majority of the population.

In reality, most people want to have music as a pleasure activity and a companion in their lives. People want to experience the feeling that comes from immediately playing great-sounding music. That is why Jennifer Lyn believes it is more important to build a love for the instrument first, before starting the reading process.

Like most of the things that we learned throughout our lives and now do on a daily basis – tying our shoe laces, brushing our teeth and driving a car etc., – we learned by doing those things, experiencing them directly and not by studying the ‘theory’ of the subject or referring to notes. Similarly, Jennifer Lyn teaches students to play the piano by immersing them in the actual process of playing, and providing a subtle balance between guidance, discovery and direct ‘hands-on’ experience.

As a result, her students accumulate a vast repertoire of great-sounding music, and with this as their foundation, develop an appropriate technique, learn how to read more easily, and as a by-product, naturally begin developing their ability to ‘play by ear’.

Jennifer Lyn ignores the myths about learning music, and bases its program on the premise that every single human being, without exception, is deeply and naturally musical. Each day, every one of us expresses this in a thousand ways
through our body’s instinctive rhythms, our heartbeat, our breathing, our movements. Our innate musicality is precisely what gives us the ability to walk and to talk!

Jennifer Lyn draws on and feeds this natural sense of music we all possess, and places highest priority on the fun and sheer pleasure of playing music – immediately – from the very first lessons.

She teaches a program that is ‘playing-based’. She uses students’ existing visual, aural and physical skills, combine these with their natural sense of music, and subsequently achieve unprecedented results. The bottom line is that Simply Music students get to experience the absolute joy and satisfaction that comes from immediately acquiring a huge repertoire of great-sounding music.

Jennifer Lyn