Brooklyn and Manhattan, Brooklyn NY, 11214
Instruments:Ear Training, Piano, Theory

Styles:Classical, Jazz, Rock – Alternative, Kids
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:5 years
Rate:$45 / hr

Personal Statement

I teach in Manhattan and brooklyn. These are a couple of techniques I use in my lessons. I love to see my students having fun and enjoying music. I am very patient and laid back but I am strict in obtaining progress in each lesson from my student. I was taught russian style for years, which will make you repeat the passage until understood.

Yet, I find fun ways and different techniques to teach each student since each person has different ways of learning. I am very talkative and love to laugh so I enjoy students who are open to sharing a nice relationship with their teachers. I usually like to use Hanon and Czerny exercises for technique and later on in more advance levels some Kabalevsky, Chopin and Rachmaninoff etudes. I try to show my students different recordings of pieces they are working on, to expand their ideas and interest in the piece and different virtuoso performers. I teach different techniques for example, something I mostly incorporate in my teaching is relaxation. Many teachers do not teach this to their students which prevents their technique from progressing. Relaxation is part of any technique since it helps you flow through the keys with ease. I focus a big chunk of my time in relaxation to improve the technique in the individual. Another technique I tend to use, is the visualization of patterns. Many students- specially the younger ones, tend to see the piano and music as patterns. The intervals between the notes in the music sheet are patterns and also the the position of the hands on the notes.

So if you or your child seems to be very good at patterns, I am the right teacher for you! My lessons consist of fun, patterns, relaxation, educational and funny stories about musicians, composers and music, but at the same time the strictness of making each lesson valuable!

Education / Training

Dominican-American Pianist, Julie Gautreaux attended Fiorello Lagurdia Highschool of Music and arts and the Performing Arts 2007-2011 where she majored in Visual Arts and Music. Attended Third Street Music School 2008-2009 and then attended Mannes Preparatory 2009-2011. She is currently at University of Denver-Lamont School of Music with scholarship. She Studied of Frank Levy, Tania Stavreva, Edmund Atkins and Steven Mayer, Adam Kent and Louis De Moura Castro. Was part of multiple master Classes with Jonathan Bass Chair of Piano department Boston conservatory Mikola Suk, Faculty of University of Nevada and Ana Lourdes Rodriguez. She has attended the International Keyboard Festival at Mannes conservatory, The youth and Muse Music Festival, Frost School of Music- Music Camp with scholarship among numerous others.Performances include prestigious concert halls like Hallmark Hall and the Concert Hall at Mannes Conservatory, Steinwall Hall in New York City, Gradoux- Matt Rare Violins WMP Hall in New York City, Hamilton Hall at Lamont School of Music, Clarke Recital Hall at Frost School of Music, Seully Hall at Boston Conservatory, among many others around the Tri-state area. She is a member of Sigma Upsilon Music Fraternity and the Environmental Living and Learning at University of Denver. Along with her love for music, Ms. Gautreaux is studying political science in an emphasis in environmental law and international relations. She is part of multiple environmental sustainability groups and is looking forward to unite music and activism.

Julie Gautreaux