102 E. Shady Grove, 102 E. Shady Grove St., Big Sandy TX, 75755
Instruments:Chorus, Composition, Conducting, Ear Training, Early Music, Music Therapy, Musicology, Organ, Piano, Theory, Voice, World Music

Styles:Classical, Jazz, Folk – Country – Bluegrass, Rock – Alternative, Blues, Kids, World, Electronic, Other
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:40 years
Rate:$45 / hr

Personal Statement

Suzanne Brittania, owner of Infinity Music Studio, is an Experienced and Accomplished, Professionally-Trained Music Teacher Offering Affordable Private Music Lessons for both Piano and Voice Students in East Texas.

One of Suzanne’s many specialties focuses on teaching custom-designed music lessons to satisfy and meet the needs of each and every student of All Ages and All Levels. She teaches Home School Students, Public School Students, Private School Students, College Students, Adults and Senior Citizens at her exclusive, private music studio nestled among the beautiful, majestic pine and hardwood forest of North East Texas: A peaceful, tranquil and inspiring place in which to learn and practice the musical performing arts.

Suzanne’s main focus when teaching her music students is to provide a sound foundation in both music theory and music appreciation, making it her priority to equip each student with the necessary skills in order to comprehend, continuously grow and advance in their musical studies as far as they choose to go. In order to achieve these goals, she believes that it is of utmost importance to instill valuable knowledge and complete understanding, by way of constantly providing helpful information and advice, proper guidance, reinforcement and positive encouragement to each and every individual student all along their musical journey.

Experience the ultimate joy and satisfaction of learning, playing, singing and performing live music for yourself, friends, family, relatives and others. It’s never too late to start taking piano and voice lessons and you deserve it!

Suzanne Brittania