New York NY,
Instruments:Clarinet, Composition, Ear Training, Flute, Other, Saxophone

Styles:Classical, Jazz, Blues, Kids, Other
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:15 years
Rate:$70 / hr

Personal Statement

I offer you a well rounded lesson plan, consisting of exercises to improve your sound, embouchure and technique. I have a huge repertoire of jazz and classical music waiting to be played. Over the years I have developed a very structured teaching method for improvisation, if you are interested in creating your own solo.

I would like to support you in becoming a well rounded, expressive and creative musician. I am experienced with teaching all ages. Beginners are very welcome!

Education / Training

I received my BA from Berklee College of Music and completed my Masters Degree in performance and composition at New York University.

I am currently a faculty member of the New York Pops-Salute to Music Program, teaching saxophone ensembles, from which I will select one student to perform with the New York Pops Orchestra at Carnegie Hall.

I have been employed as a music teacher at United Nations International School and at the Church Street School for Music and Art in Manhattan, where I teach the saxophone, flute, clarinet, piano and music theory to students.
At the United Nations International School I am also leading various woodwind ensembles and small jazz groups. In the past I have held jazz improvisation workshops, big band and sectional rehearsals, and successfully tutored students for their examinations at music colleges and conservatories.

I have been teaching music appreciation courses with main focus on western music, jazz and on popular music, as well as classes in music theory, ranging from basic harmony to advanced harmonic concepts.

Solid conducting and score reading skills have enabled me to lead small and large instrumental and vocal ensembles, which I have also been composing and arranging original music for.

A minor in Film Scoring intensified my computer skills. I am familiar with music notation and sequencing software, such as Sibelius, Finale, Logic and Digital Performer.
Furthermore, I am fluent in German, French, Dutch and Swedish.


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Katja Endemann