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Although, many resources have been used for the reasoning behind our workshop program, Joseph Vincelli has authored a book entitled, THE ART OF TONE, Understanding Our Love For Music (2003), which has over 170 references that apply to the programs philosophy and the importance of creativity. Additionally, best-selling author, Daniel Pink, writes and speaks on the importance of creative thought as part of the process for innovation within the world of business. This philosophy is a part of the 21st Century Skills education initiative which helps support our programs own emphatic philosophy for creative exercise. We want to work with schools that subscribe to this type of thinking. Each of our teaching artists use their own art form to help students understand how art is a conduit toward achieving creative thought and practical creative exercise. The ultimate goal for The Artist Outreach is to get students to think and respond creatively so that they can innovate. We believe that self-expression (combined with abstract thinking) leads to self-discovery. Self-discovery leads to seeing things differently, which leads to new approaches and new ideas. Our goal is total interaction with the students. We perform concerts with students when possible and are in the process of signing up students to become part of a CD recording to give them the experience of true life artist performance. Please visit www.theartistoutreach.org to learn more about how we are changing the way education is approaching all of the arts!!

The Artist Outreach