Herberger College of Fine Arts, ASU P O Box 872102
Tempe,  AZ,  85287

The ASU Herberger College of the Arts is dedicated to developing an appreciation of the arts in our community’s young people, while helping them develop skills to last a lifetime. Through classes and camps in art, digital art, music, theatre, and dance, children discover their inner artists and develop an appreciation for the arts, no matter what they decide to do when they grow up. With Herberger College for Kids, young artists explore the college atmosphere and have fun at the same time. They develop and refine their artistic skills with top-notch ASU faculty, outstanding graduate students and teaching artists in the very same classrooms, using the same equipment as college arts students. The ASU Herberger College of the Arts’ Herberger College at Large works with community teens and adults of all skill levels to develop their artistic skills and appreciation for the arts. Through convenient evening and weekend classes and workshops in art, digital art, music, theatre and dance, students discover their inner artists. High-level summer workshops for serious junior and senior high school students are taught by professors from the ASU Herberger College of the Arts School of Art, School of Music, Department of Dance, School of Theatre & Film and the Arts, Media & Engineering program.

Herberger College for Kids