760 E 900 N, Logan UT, 84321
Instruments:Ear Training, Suzuki Method, Theory, Violin

Styles:Classical, Folk – Country – Bluegrass, Kids, Electronic
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate
Experience:5 years
Rate:$20 / hr

Personal Statement

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” ~Socrates

I believe this to be perfectly true! If sparked correctly, kindling will breathe into a flame that can burn forever! This is exactly what I want for my students. I want their melodies to extend further than my studio and into their homes, communities, and the hearts of those who love to hear them play.

There are five keys to a fully rounded musical education. Not only is mastery of these keys everything a college professor is looking for (scholarships and college benefits), but it is also how a musician can truly unlock their inner musicality. These five keys are:

1. Repertoire & performance
2. Technique
3. Sight reading
4. Music Theory
5. Music History and Literature

These keys hold great importance in my studio. Each key unlocks a new secret into the musical world and it is a joy for me to provide my students with opportunities to unlock them.

Education / Training


The deep love I have for music was instilled in me at birth. For as long as I can remember the rhythm that pulses through me has guided me to live a life full of music. Starting with piano, ballet, vioce, and finally, what I have found to love most, violin. I have lived the life of a violinist since the age of 9. With dedication, hard work, and a mission to full-fill I progressed rapidly and soloed and toured in many Orchestras and Symphonys throughout my teenaged years. At age 16 I began to recieve Scholarships to various Colleges and Universities throughout the western United States. In August of 2011 I began my collegate career at Snow College in Ephraim, Ut under the inspired mentorship of Jack Ashton and Brent Smith. I am currently in Logan Ut working to further my education at Utah State University. I feel honored to have recieved tutelidge from hereos: Dan Ralphs(WBA), Emily Black(WBA), Jason Bonham(THS), Bonnie Romkey, Jack Ashton(SC), Brent Smith(SC), Jack Sharpe, Monte Belknap(BYU), Ted Ashton(BYUI), and Dallin Hansen(BYUI).


I began my teaching career at the age of 13 when my personal mentor started refering students to me. I started taking pedegogy classes and decided then and there that I would dedicate my life to expanding musical education throughout the world. The passion I have for teaching has greatly enhanced my life and the lives of my students. Not only have I had my own studio of violinists since I was 13, but I have also been so blessed as to teach and mentor youth from all over the United States (including Alaska), Canada, and Japan. My dream is to one day build a school where the principles of a leadership education can be combined with musical education. And, therefore letting any musician become who they were meant to be, a musical leader.

Ahnalisse Kaye