Lasharae Austin 4225 Larchmont Rd Apt 424, Durham NC, 27707
Instruments:Audio Recording, Composition, Conducting, Ear Training, Early Music, Ethnomusicology, Flute, Guitar, Horn, Piccolo, Recording, Saxophone, Theory, Voice

Styles:Classical, Jazz, Blues, Kids, Other
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:5 years
Rate:$25 / hr


Personal Statement

I believe that offering comprehensive experiences (as opposed to simply dictating instruction) in music is an excellent way to explore a persons skills and weaknesses and to initiate a person’s growth into an innovative, fearless, educated leader. Music instruction should be about more than playing songs and learning history. True education in music is also about exploration, creativity and character development.

One of my favorite teaching memories is from the summer 2011 showcase for Girls Rock NC. While working with this camp, I managed two female rock bands, provided them with music instruction and assisted them in song-writing. One of my band members often became discouraged by her playing. She had never played guitar before attending camp and her expectations were drastically higher than her self-esteem. After the final show, she approached me to let me though that she was incredibly excited about her performance. She decided to continue playing guitar and had already talked her dad into paying for private lessons. I want to give more students that type of experience. Many teachers are so focused on methods and curriculum that they forget the most important factor – the student. I always provide my students with appropriate repertoire and exercises, but I also motivate them love playing music so that they will continue to flourish throughout their lives.

Experience in the Music Profession
I have produced flyers and programs and co-ordinated ushers and crews for recitals, operas and concerts. I have provided tutoring in music theory and history, volunteered my expertise to local schools and girl scouts, and been chosen as a key speaker for numerous student programs on music, professionalism, career development and leadership. I have volunteered with non-profits to strengthen music curriculum, provide instruction, lead workshops. Currently, I teach lessons, work for a music company and also volunteer for a non-profit music organization. I can make I have been the musical force that I wish to cultivate in my mentees, students and peers. I am sure I will be able to provide whatever type of music instruction you are looking for.

1. To advance the art of music and have a positive impact on the musical culture of my community

2. To help musicians of all ages become confident, expressive and dynamic

3. To provide classical training that provides an arsenal of tools for innovation

Organization Affiliation
National Association for Music Education
Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity for Women
Tau Beta Sigma National Honorary Band Sorority

Education / Training

I studied music at North Carolina Central University where my primary flute instructor was Maureen Kelley – a well-known teacher and performer in the Triangle area. I also studied french horn, saxophone and voice as secondary courses.

Organization Affiliation
Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity
Lambda Omega Chapter
Tau Beta Sigma National Honorary Band Sorority, Inc.
Epsilon Lambda Chapter:

While at NCCU, I participated in the following ensembles: University Choir – 2 Years
Operatorio Ensemble Orchestra – Flute and Piccolo, 4 Years
Wind Ensemble – Flute and Piccolo, 4 Years
Symphonic Band – French Horn, 2 Years
Marching Sound Machine – Piccolo, 4 Years
Pep Band – Piccolo, 2 Years

Lasharae Austin