19xx Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia PA, 19103
Instruments:Early Music, Voice

Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:10 years
Rate:$70 / hr

Personal Statement

With the K E Querns Langley Bel Canto Vocal Studio, students have the option to have voice lessons in person with their vocal instructor or to have online singing lessons. Either way we help students free the natural voice primarily through use of Bel Canto technique handed down through my teachers directly from both the ‘Garcia / Marchesi’ and ‘Lamperti’ traditions, but for those students whom Modal Singing is a more appropriate technique, vocal tuition will be offered in contemporary vocal pedagogical style. We also help the student to understand how their physical and emotional states affect the singing voice, and rectify any negative impact.

As a voice teacher, I explain the use of legato, sostenuto (support) / appoggio and placement ‘in maschera’ through demonstration and technical / physiological / anatomical explanations. This allows the student to produce a free and clear tone, placed correctly in maschera for proper tone projection and teaches correct breath usage / control, without forcing or ‘pushing’.

The Center City Philadelphia studio based singing lessons provides vocal tuition to the Philadelphia Metro area into South Jersey, including Atlantic City, Avalon, Stone Harbor, Cherry Hill, Collingswood, et. al. Students in this studio will have the choice to study with the principle voice teacher, K. E. Querns Langley or with an Apprentice vocal instructor at a reduced cost.

Either way, the students progress will be monitored and influenced by the principle vocal instructor, K. E. Querns Langley. In New York City and London all students are taught by the principle voice teacher at either Steinway Hall or The Music Studios in Marylebone. They may also chose to have online singing lessons with their vocal instructor.

Education / Training

Royal College of Music
♦ PhD research stduent in Historical Performance Practice

Arcadia University
Master of Arts in Humanities & Bachelor of Arts
♦ Music, Opera & Language Bachelor of Arts in Language
♦ Music & Voice Performance

Sherman Lowe (Voice Teacher 2007 +) – Venezia
Georgyn Geetlein (Voice Teacher 1995 – 2007)
Susan Leider Munzer (Voice Teacher 1992 – 1995)

Kenneth Querns