402 Meadowlark Drive, Winterville NC, 28590

Styles:Classical, Kids
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:20 years
Rate:$15 / hr

Personal Statement

The goal of my Piano Studio is to provide an environment suitable for instruction and enjoyment of music. I offer high quality instruction with a dedication to personal attention and commitment to helping you improve toward your musical goals. I like to allow the student to set the pace and work as a guide rather than pushing a rigid structure on them. Although there are things to practice, I try to make it fun and fit the student’s interests and style. Please call me if you have further questions.

1. Piano Lessons help children in school. 2. Piano Lessons raise self esteem 3. Piano Lessons increase hand/eye coordination 4. Piano Lessons help children to concentrate 5. Piano Lessons help children to be well-rounded.

Education / Training

I began studying piano at the age of 7, and organ at the age of 17. I have held numerous positions as a church and choral accompanist and have played for church cantatas, weddings, funerals and recitals. I received my training and Bachelor’s and Master’s music degrees at Tift College and Wesleyan College in Georgia followed by Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kentucky. I have taught piano since 1992 privately and in music studios.

Belinda Butler