Nicholas Mazzilli Tallahassee, Tallahassee FL, 32303
Instruments:Accordion, Audio Recording, Banjo, Composition, Drums, Ear Training, Electric Bass, Electronic, Film Scoring, Guitar, Mandolin, Other, Other, Other, Percussion, Piano, Recording, Stand Up Bass, Theory

Styles:Classical, Jazz, Folk – Country – Bluegrass, Rock – Alternative, Blues, Kids, World, Electronic, Other
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:12 years
Rate:$35 / hr


Personal Statement

I am very excited to be a part of the music teaching community because it offers some of the most satisfying and positive results to our students not only in their music ability but their character as a whole. Scott Tennant offers his philosophy of music which I strongly agree with-

“Music is the most powerful of all arts. It instantly stirs up emotions, conjures visions, and offers glimpses of other, higher dimensions. It arouses men to battle; kindles amorous passion in lovers; … soothes a baby to sleep; comforts us when we grieve. It engages our hearts and our minds, and can bring out the best that we are. One can safely presume that not a single emotion, nor any human or natural event, has been left undocumented by music.”

Students will be introduced to new forms of technique and theory according to the instrument they choose to study with me.

I am aware that not all elements of learning music can be extremely exciting, and for some, it may be hard to focus. I find fun ways to incorporate the knowledge a student needs to not … only play music but to understand music as well.

Students are encouraged to practice between lessons to apply the knowledge they have gained from their lessons. I often tell my students “Make it a point to get a little better at something relevant to your instrument every time you sit down to practice.”

I am very patient and encouraging to my students. I am confident that after some quality time with my students they will feel comfortable to share their new music ability with friends family or even perform publicly.


Education / Training

Education/ Experience:

Recently grad from Florida Sate University’s School of Music. Was enrolled in the classical guitar program under professor Bruce Holzman:

Head director of Florida State Universitys Bluegrass Ensemble (Floridas Front Porch)

Perform in numerous ethnomusic ensembles throughout college: Irish, Steel Drum, Chinese, Peruvian, Mexican, and Indonesian Gamelan

Work at Tallahassee Civic Center maintaining sound and lighting for artists and performances

Run, own, and provide studio accompaniment for sound producing/engineering company

Perform jazz guitar 4 years in high school

March drumline and sideline percussion 4 years

Perform in 3 progressive local bands.

Instruct percussion at a non profit organization for mentally disabled adults. (I learned much patience from this job.)

Music Director substitute for spiritual / church community


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