Vanessa Felhauer 818 Balsam Ln, Fort Collins CO, 80526

Styles:Classical, Jazz, Rock – Alternative, Blues, Kids, World, Electronic
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:10 years
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Personal Statement

I believe that music lessons should be both fun and educational. Therefore, I try to incorporate as many techniques and styles of music as possible into the lessons. I often ask students what songs they would like to play, and allow them to play popular music alongside of traditional if they desire. I also strive to work with students and parents on developing an acceptable assignment load based on outside factors such as students age, temperament, and level of involvement in extracurricular activities. I encourage, but do not require, participation in competitions and public performances.
The belief that music is best learned at a young age is also foundational to my philosophy of music education. Learning music is much like learning a foreign language and, just as a child learning a foreign language at a young age is much more likely to be fluent, the same holds true for music. This is why I accept students as young as four. I combine a traditional piano methodology along with my background as a music therapist to give this foundation to young students.

Vanessa Felhauer