Jessica King 31027 Woodland St., Wixom MI, 48393
Instruments:Ear Training, Ethnomusicology, Musicology, Theory, Viola, Violin

Styles:Classical, Jazz, Folk – Country – Bluegrass, Rock – Alternative, Blues, Kids, World, Electronic, Other
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:13 years
Rate:$70 / hr


Personal Statement

William Primrosethe great viola virtuosohimself lamented that the viola is an instrument without a traditiona tradition of standard repertoire, playing technique, and virtuosic performing. The cumbersome physical properties of the viola increase the
likelihood of sustaining playing injuries; the imperfect acoustical properties render pure sound production nearly impossible. These challenges call for solutions and support that the viola requires a specialized approach to both playing and teaching. The days of thinking of the viola as a big violin and an instrument reserved for failed violinists are long gone. The viola is an instrument of rich, dark sonorities that requires intelligent and deliberate practice and application of a tailored technical approach. Even further, the lack
of a rigid tradition fosters a positive environment of experimentation in order to best develop the technical and musical proficiency of viola players.
Just as well, these violistic truths and philosophies make their way into everything I teach, whether it be violin, piano, or chamber music. As I teacher I aim to exemplify and convey the fundamental components that aid my students in practicing, playing, and performing at the highest level without pain or anxiety, and to facilitate long, healthy
careers. I believe that high-level playing is comprised of both technical and musical excellence and that there are three foundational components that foster high-level playing: wellness, deliberate and meditative practice, and solid technical development. I believe that these three fundamental concepts ultimately allow for expressive, emotional performances of the highest caliber.
Wellness may be thought of as both physical and mental wellness. However, treating the two as one and the samephysio-emotional wellness, if you willaids in identifying the factors that facilitate high-level playing. The benefits of wellness include
reduced or eliminated pain or fatigue, prevention of injury, increased stamina, improved posture, greater musculoskeletal control, relieved anxiety, a clear and focused flow state, and a positive mindset/outlook. Mindfulness features heavily in my teaching and practice.
Practice may seem a self-evident component of high level playing, yet the way that practice is conducted and organized greatly affects the quality of absorption and retention of both technical and musical skills. Practice is subject to anxiety, distraction, and negativity, however, I stress the implementation of a practice routine that is
deliberate, meditative, focused, holistic, self-regulatory, and nonjudgmental. I also require that my students create a practice schedule in which technical exercises, etudes, chamber music, solo repertoire, and ear-training exercises are given pre-determined time allotments each day so that each week they cover all of their required lesson material.
Practice sessions should envelop four fundamental technical principles that contribute to the attainment of the highest level of artistry as a bowed-string instrumentalist: balanced posture, left hand technique (i.e. total cognizance of the fingerboard, vibrato), and right hand technique (i.e. bowing mechanics), and ear training. As a teacher I stress the use of recording practice sessions, lessons, and
performances in order to return and clearly observe ones playing. After all, we often hear what we want to hear, and not the truth.
These experiences have taught me to individually tailor my approach to each and every one of my students so that they may achieve any goal they set their minds to. With patience, dedication, and smart work my students and I progress as a team to cultivate and enjoy the beauty of music.

Education / Training

♫ Saarburg International Festival & School (7/2017)-Chamber Music Certificate

♫ Central Michigan University-M.M. Viola Performance (6/2016)

♫ University of Iowa-B.A. Music & B.A. English w/Honors (6/2014)

♫ Dr. Phillips H.S. Visual & Performing Arts Program w/Honors (6/2010)

♫ Primary Teachers: David Holland, Christine Rutledge, Dr. Alicia Valoti

Teaching Experience:

♫ Expressions Music Academy (8/2017-present)-Teacher Coordinator & Instructor of
Viola, Violin, and Piano
Maintain studio of 50+ students ages 4-adult of all ability levels, supervise and provide support to 11+ person team

♫ Central Michigan University (8/2014-6/2016)-Teaching Assistant to David Holland
Violist for Graduate String Quartet, Principal Violist for CMU Symphony
Courses Taught/Assisted: Class Strings, Music Appreciation, World Music, Viola Studio, Viola Technique Class, Viola Sectional

Recent Performance Experience:

♫ District 221 Chamber Music Society (2015-present)-Co-Founder/Viola/Arranger
Music House Chamber Music Festival, Management, Booking, Arranging, Live
Performance, Web Design, Social Media, Advertising

♫ Macomb Symphony Orchestra (5/2019-present)-Section Viola

♫ Rochester Symphony Orchestra (5/2019-present)-Substitute Viola

♫ Dearborn Symphony Orchestra (9/2018-present)-Substitute Viola

Work Experience:

♫ American Viola Society Journal (8/2016-present)- Health & Wellness Editor
-Write Health & Wellness articles, Edit and screen potential articles for print

♫ University of Iowa Rita Benton Music Library (12/2011-8/2014)-Student Librarian
-Research Inquiries, Created database for Opera LP’s, Created database for
Music Periodicals, Course Reserves, Binding & Labeling New Materials, Material repairs, Shelving

♫ Interlochen Center for the Arts (Summer 2011)-Intermediate Girls Counselor
– Supervised 30 campers, planned cabin activities/trips, administrative work


♫ 2019: Music House Chamber Music Festival, District 221 Winter Tour, CMU Viola Day
♫ 2018: American Viola Society Conference, Antonello Farulli Masterclass, CMU Viola Day, Yizhak Schotten Lesson, District 221 Texas Tour
♫ 2017: Saarburg International Music Festival-Scholarship Recipient, CMU Viola Day
♫ 2016: Miami Summer Music Festival Opera Orchestra & Conducting Ensemble
Fellowships, Dr. Alicia Valoti Masterclass, Dr. Wee-Hsin Tan Masterclass
♫ 2015: CMU Viola Bootcamp, UI Viola Bootcamp, Mivos String Quartet Masterclass
♫ 2014: St. Lawrence String Quartet Masterclass, Iowa Bach Festival
♫ 2013: Jack Quartet Extended Techniques Masterclass, Iowa Bach Festival
♫ 2012: Dr. Istvan Szabo Masterclass, David Holland Masterclass
♫ 2011: Dr. Juliet White-Smith Masterclass, UI Viola Bootcamp

Additional Qualifications

♫ Publications: This is Not a Toy: An Introduction to the JAVS Health and Wellness
Column. Journal of the American Viola Society (Vol. 33, Spring 2017: 39-42.

Ugly Poetry. University of Iowa (Honors Thesis 2014).

♫ Presentations: This is Not a Toy: Components of High-Level Viola Playing.
American Viola Society Conference. July 12-17, 2018. Los Angeles, CA.

♫ Research Interests: Music & Literature, Multidisciplinary
Collaboration/Participation, Performance Experience & Practice, Comedy &
Music, Music & Mindfulness, Music & Wellness

♫ Languages: English-Native Fluency, Japanese-Intermediate Fluency, Italian-
Elementary Fluency

♫ Memberships: American Federation of Musicians, American Viola Society, Sigma
Tau Delta English Honors Society

♫ Awards: Williamson Foundation Grant, Suma Cum Laude at Central Michigan University, Honors in English, Briceland Undergraduate Scholar, University of Iowa National Scholar, Nadine Harris Scholarship Recipient, CLAS Academic Excellence Award (3 time recipient), Iowa Center for the Arts Award, UI Japanese Speech Contest Prize-Winner, Deborah Dansby-Wells Outstanding Musicianship Award, Antoine Smith Memorial Orchestral Service Award

♫ Websites:;


Max Bruch “8 Pieces for Viola, Violin (arr.), and Piano V: Rumnische Melodie”

Mendelssohn Piano Trio 1 (arr. Jessica Ray King) Excerpts

York Bowen Sonata for Viola and Piano No.1: Allegro Moderato (Short Excerpt)

Jessica King