Raphael Klayman 2838 Stillwell Avenue #5B, Brooklyn NY, 11224

Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:40 years
Rate:$80 / hr


Personal Statement

In addition to his performing activities, Raphael Klayman teaches privately in his home/studio in Brooklyn, NY. Mr. Klayman stresses fundamentals such as proper form, good intonation, and good tone production. He tries to build a solid technical foundation and a focused learning structure, using both traditional and innovative technical materials and teaching procedures. It is also his special pleasure to explore such musical values as overall interpretation, phrasings, and nuances in repertoire and the relationship between these and the applied technique necessary for their realization. Mr. Klayman encourages advanced students to develop their own interpretive voice within the framework of accepted standards of good taste, and subject to his advice.

Raphael Klayman has interlocking sets of principles and procedures that may be said to constitute a ‘method’. At the same time he is very much aware that different students have different degrees and types of talent, are at different levels of advancement, and have varying needs. Accordingly, each student is treated in an individual way. Serious standards are balanced with supportiveness, and occasional touches of humor. The current fee is $80 not per hour, but per lesson, which frequently exceeds an hour.

Raphael Klayman