Dr. Hot Licks’ School of Rock and Metal 4901 W 93rd Ave, Unit #816, Westminster CO, 80030
Instruments:Composition, Drums, Electric Bass, Guitar, Other, Theory

Styles:Rock – Alternative, Other
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:7 years
Rate:$40 / hr


Personal Statement

Music is the most important thing in our lives. We can’t imagine living without it. Nothing moves us in more ways than song. We want to help others experience music the same way we do. For us, the more we’ve learned about music, the more of an impact it has on us. We believe the same thing can happen for you.

Our lessons are centered around you the student. Music is supposed to be fun, and when you are learning what you enjoy, your lessons become enjoyable. We want you to have a great time with music, and that’s why we teach you exactly what you want.

We offer guitar, bass, and drum lessons in Westminster, CO. We are located just off the Federal Blvd. exit on US-36 which provides quick access from cities such as Denver, Aurora, and Boulder.

Here is a short list of what we can teach you:
Your Favorite Songs Double Bass Exercises
Scales Blast Beats
Chords Bomb Blasts
Finger Tapping Speed Exercises
Nubbing Gravity Blasts
Sweep Picking Theory

Education / Training

Both the guitar/bass teacher and drum teacher studied with private instructors.


Guitar Lessons Example


Bass Lessons Example


Drum Lessons Example


Dr. Hot Licks’ School of Rock and Metal