Dr. Robert David Billington 8980 NW 13th ST, Plantation FL, 33322
Instruments:Early Music, Flute, Piccolo, Recorder

Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:40 years
Rate:$50 / hr


Personal Statement

I teach according to the sound acoustic and physical principles espoused in my doctoral essay, “A Description and Application of Robert Aitken’s Concept of the Physical Flute.”

Having been brought up in the “French School” of flute playing, I eventually learned that students make greater progress when the mechanism of tone production is stressed, rather than relying upon some nebulous exhortation of terminologies such as good tone, breathing, and open throat.

The defining characteristics of the “Physical Flute” combine the sometimes vague concepts of proper support and resonance with the use of a very facile embouchure to achieve the goals of flexibility, homogeneity of sound, and ease of playing. Emphasis is given to thoraco-abdominal support combined with optimal placement of the components of the vocal tract to achieve a beautiful full sound with a palette of tone colors suited to the music being performed.

My goal in teaching is quite simply to have my students perform to whatever level they aspire and to have fun getting there! 🙂

We start by having the student learn the physical means of playing the flute, progress through technical artistic, and achieve the end result of musicality – the ability to perform music in a way that uses the performer as a conduit through which the composer’s desires are presented to the audience.

I enjoy teaching students of all ages and abilities. In addition to my wonderful younger students, I have many successful-in-life adult students who happily pursue advanced studies with me on flute and baroque flute and who now perform publicly in concert.

Please take a look at my web site for more information. I hope that will you consider me for your or your child’s next flute teacher.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Education / Training

DMA – flute performance – University of Miami

Doctoral Essay – “A Descriptions and Application of Robert Aitken’s Concept of the Physical Flute.”

Additional doctoral level studies – University of Illinois, UC; BallState University

MM – flute performance – Western Michigan University

BA – music – Northen Michigan University

His flute teachers have included Bernard Goldberg, Donald Peck, James Pellerite, Robert Aitken, Francis Fuge, Arthur Kitti, Alexander Murray, Elda Tate, and Charles Osborne.


The Billington and Gonzalez Duo – Kirschner 3 Tangos

Camerata del Re – With Commentary – Jiř Antonn Benda – Sonata #2 in G for flute and harpsichord

The LGEM Trio in Concert – Pixinguinha – Agradecendo, valsa

The LGEM Flutes of March – Sandra Howard – Irish Suite – BDMS Concert 3-22-2011 – RDB with studentss Emma Mellinger and Scott Ireland.

Il Gran Mogol – Vivaldi Flute Concerto – S FL Premiere

Dr. Robert David Billington