85-85 66th Road, Rego Park NY, 11374

Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:7 years
Rate:$70 / hr

Education / Training

I had two undergraduate degrees by the age of 23 from “Hochschule fur Music in Vienna” and “The Juilliard School”. After finishing my Masters of Music at Yale School of Music, I became the Principal Cellist of Montgomery Symphony after winning their two year Fellowship competition.

Devoted to teaching since my college days, I have taught at different places and levels including: begginers, mid and high school, amateur festivals, undergraduate level at Yale University, as well as having a private studio.
I love teaching the beautiful instrument and passing on my knowledge to people who are looking for a serious and strict teacher who will prepare them for any kind of level or audition or for someone who wants to have it as a hobbie and have fun with the cello.

I have gotten my love for teaching from my mother who has a large private studio here at home where she teaches both cello and piano. My other Cello teachers include: Russi Dragnev, Anatoly Krastev, Angelika May, and Aldo Parisot.


Dinicu – Horo Stacato

Kreisler – Schone Rosmarin

Hrant Parsamian