Kjerstin Booth 1827 Hopkins Ave, Eau Claire WI, 54701

Styles:Classical, Kids
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate
Experience:3 years
Rate:$8 / hrShare

Personal Statement

Kjerstin has a great love and admiration for their music, which is essential so her students learn first-hand what to emulate. She cares deeply and sincerely for her own personal development, as well as that of her students. Each persons thought processes, perceptions, and learning styles are unique, thus her teaching approach is ad-justed according to the individual. Lessons are customized with sensitivity to the needs, desires, personality, and learning style of the stu-dent. She teaches good practice habits while promoting character development and self-discipline, and is active in setting goals for every stu-dent. Kjerstin seeks to discover, awaken, and help develop each students gifts; to see them excel in their personal calling and allow a heart of true integrity and humility to be formed within them. Kjerstin truly desires to nurture her students desire to learn and express each students unique passion for their music.

Kjerstin Booth, Music Teacher – Eau Claire – WISCONSIN