Akilah Merriweather PO Box 15676, Detroit MI, 48215
Instruments:Cello, Piano, Suzuki Method, Theory, Viola, Violin

Styles:Classical, Kids
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:3 years
Rate:$30 / hr


Personal Statement

Creativity paired with discipline develops through the incorporation of the arts in the curriculum in our childrens’ schools. The inclusion of the arts also helps stimulate the academic strength of young students, aiding them in their goals to succeed in school.
I choose to focus my teaching abilities towards the elementary, middle school level, in order to establish a solid foundation for developing music skills and technique, faithfully ensuring that their musical interests are true to the proper maintenance of the instruments and the replications of western classical musical styles, as well as to culminate an appreciation for various other forms and styles of music, such as jazz, contemporary and international styles, to promote a rich texture of knowledge that students will be able to keep with them forever.
To do this I first must instill in my students the importance of discipline and dedication which is required to make and produce great music. Techniques, such as correct posture and positioning are mandatory as well as a firm knowledge of basic music theory, which will hopefully help students decrease further complications and misconceptions of rhythms, keys, fingerings, etc.

Akilah Merriweather