Laura Klugherz 13 Oak Drive
Hamilton, NY, 13346-1398


Come take a rich journey with us this summer, right here in upstate New York, as the Chenango Summer MusicFest (or MusicFiesta, as we have dubbed it this year) launches our regional thematic programming! Together with the timeless poignancy of Brahms, Beethoven and Schubert, Mexican art music will delight you in color, rhythm, and excitement. And to complete your experience, the sights of authentic Mexican dancers, piatas, and the delectable treat of Mexican food will infuse our celebration with authenticity for all age groups. Bring an amigo (friend) to The Palace for our opening night classical-jazz extravaganza a pay-what-you-want event to introduce friends to the joys of MusicFest, with the proceeds going to a local not-for-profit as we reinforce our commitment to arts and the community. Check out our international roster of stars — come meet them in our Lunchbox free concert series, at one of the free public master-classes, or in our new open rehearsal. Our pre-Fest series includes Friday at the Fountains, as well as a special presentation at the Hamilton Library on Mexico and her music. This season we offer two free Interlude concerts, and as always, we invite you to come spend the week with us as you craft your own individual summer country renewal experience with new and old friends, world-class chamber and popular music, sunshine, hiking, biking, massage and much, much more of the wonderful things Hamilton and MusicFiesta have to offer. So, leave your formal attire at home, and embark with us in our part of the world for our joyous journeys to begin summer 2007!

Chenango Summer MusicFest