4876 Santa Monica Ave.  #222
San Diego,  CA,  92107

Featured is the music of San Diego native Mike Watson, whose compositions resemble that of Frank Zappa, Mahavishnu Orchestra, and Mr. Bungle. Odd times and rhythmic trickery are a staple in Watson’s music and drummer Bill Ray tackles them effortlessly to the point that they feel natural and smooth. Topics covered will revolve around creating a drum part for any piece of music, developing a keener sense of rhythm, counting, and “seeing the picture of music.” Bill speaks in easy to understand analogies and gives a very picturesque representation of the concept being portrayed. Whether you are a drummer or play a non-percussive instrument there will be something for you to take away from this appearance. Bill Ray has been a studio and live drummer for over 30 years and has played on over 150 albums, including the 2007 Grammy Award-winning album by Ike Turner, Risin’ With the Blues.

Music From The Drummer’s Perspective