Theodore Kerkezos 162 Goddard Ave., Boston MA, 03903
Instruments:Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Theory

Styles:Classical, Jazz, Rock – Alternative
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:24 years
Rate:$50 / hr


Personal Statement

Theodore Kerkezos: The philosophy of my teaching.
For the past 22 years, I have taught in the premier institutions in my country, as well as having given countless master classes around the world. During this time, I have always been open, never hesitating to share insight harvested from my collaborations with composers, soloists, major conductors and orchestras with my students. Among the most pertinent, are the unique knowledge and essential musicianship that was entrusted to me by two of the greatest saxophone masters of the 20th century, Jean-Marie Londeix and Daniel Deffayet (soloist of von Karajan-Berlin Philharmonic and Bernstein-New York Philharmonic). These two masters have had personal relationships with almost all known composers for the instrument (Milhaud, Ibert, Tomasi,Villa-Lobos, Hindemith etc.) Their graciousness and generosity in imparting this precious knowledge to me during my lessons has inspired me to follow in their footsteps, the belief that knowledge is for all hence, my mission to disseminate this same valuable schooling about the interpretation and proper performance of the repertoire to all of my students with respect to its history. This passage of information is essential for the tradition and performance quality of saxophone literature. As I have performed all of the standard repertoire with the top orchestras around the world, I believe my personal relationship with each work, as well as the sum of my concert career, have provided me with both crucial experience and expertise to teach all students so that they may perform with the most appropriate technique and background in both solo and collaborative setting.
I always try to understand the skills that each student possesses in conjunction with their personality (some are better suited to teach, others to becoming orchestral performers, and still others to be solo performers, etc.) As such, my teaching approach is flexible and adaptable so that each student can express music as best they can in the way that is as right as possible for them. For the student, I am a professor, and friend. I wish to be the person who will stand beside them and help them with any difficulty as their mentor. I am interested not only in how to interpret a project, but the persons spirit, passions, their environment, their friends and interests outside of music. It is by knowing them that I can also be the best teacher for them, that I can nurture the musicality in them, and bring out the best in every student. After my students graduate, I consult with them not only musically, but also as a colleague and friend. I am interested in their lives, and who they are as people in a community. I also try to give them a philosophy so that they are equipped to think in such a way that they may cope with the difficult times that people inevitably go through in their lives. This is the credo which I abide by, teach to my own children, and to my students: Try to create your own opportunities and luck, with the high level of knowledge that you have gained… Couple that with your personality, your ideas, your ingenuity, hard work, and, above all, the love and dedication that you have experienced throughout your education.
I believe in the power of knowledge, collaboration, friendship, hard work, and success within education. The purpose of a teacher is not only to shape competent students, but good people that can contribute to our society.

Education / Training

…one of the most outstanding players of the day. Gramophone Editor’s Choice


2012, Honorary Doctor of Musical Arts, from the IAACC, UNESCO, World Technological University of Moscow, and the Russian Federation Ministry of General and Professional Education, (supporting by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Justice) for his outstanding services as Professor and Performer at the International and Russian music stage, an honor given to a saxophonist for the first time.

2012, the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. (the largest, most representative and authoritative Russian association of scientists, artists, politicians and statesmen), accredited by the United Nations, unanimously elected Kerkezos as Foreign Member of the Academy (Moscow Branch-Arts Department). Kerkezos is the youngest ever person to have been elected to this position.

2001-2007: Studies and first class diplomas in, advance theory (orchestration, piano, music history and conducting) at the Athens and ECHO Conservatoires.
2000-2002: Advanced saxophone studies in chamber music and orchestral repertoire (solo with orchestra) with matre Jean-Marie Londeix in Bordeaux.
1996-1997 Advanced saxophone studies with matre Daniel Deffayet in Paris.
1983-1992: Studied at the Athens Conservatoire-1871. First Class Diploma in saxophone awarded unanimously, and with Distinction.
1984-1988: Studied clarinet and flute at the Mousiki Spoudi Conservatory of Athens.
1984-1987: Jazz saxophone private lessons with Tony Lacatos and Aris Carantanis.


Kerkezos in a virtuosic piece

Kerkezos plays Jazz

Kerkezos at the legendary EMI Abbey Road Studio with the London Symphony Orchestra

Theodore Kerkezos