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This course thoroughly demystifies fiddling, showing fiddlers, string players and teachers how to interpret fiddle music in a variety of regional dialects. Donna Hébert and George Wilson approach each style through its technical requirements, cracking the codes of rhythms, ornaments and improvisation in Irish, Scots, French-Canadian, Cape Breton, New England contradance, Southern Old-Time, Cajun and swing fiddling styles. Working with Donna Hébert’s new book and CDs, A Practical for String Players, class members learn to interpret and add style to the basic tunes found in most fiddle music collections. Tunes are taught by ear to aid in hearing rhythms and ornaments, with sheet music available at the end of each class. Teachers learn to break fiddling down into lesson plans for classroom use. We also explore individual questions and fiddling goals, so let us know on your registration form what you most want to learn at camp! Northern fiddling wizard George Wilson adds his deep knowledge of French-Canadian, contradance and Cape Breton fiddling to the week’s offerings, along with his banjo, guitar and bass playing! He and Donna take turns teaching each class so every student works with both teachers. A skilled violin repairman, George is available to make adjustments to student fiddles to optimize their sound.

Fiddling Demystified