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We believe that an education in the arts is one of the most essential and enriching experiences a child, youth or adult can enjoy. We are dedicated to providing students with an exceptional educational and artistic experience while fostering a lifelong appreciation of and commitment to excellence in music. The mission of ISM is to provide a nurturing environment while developing and enhancing the music skills of its students. ISM also strives to foster creative expression, promote personal enrichment and encourage a love of music. With a distinguished faculty of 40 artist/teachers, ISM provides students with a rich and varied music education experience. Private instruction is offered in piano, violin, viola, cello, voice, percussion/drums, flute, recorder, clarinet, saxophone, harp, and guitar to students of all ages and levels. ISM’s musical training includes Western Classical to jazz, opera, musical theater, folk and popular music. The ISM student has the benefit of outstanding individual instruction, as well as the opportunity to perform in a variety of ensembles. The continuously evolving curriculum currently includes classical music programs, summer programs, chamber ensembles, recitals, competitions, diploma program, Early Childhood Music and Adult Program. Each student is encouraged to join ensembles, enroll in theory/composition, or attend workshops and perform frequently by participating in recitals, competitions, or certifications.

International School of Music