1148 W. Chicago Avenue
Chicago,  IL,  60622

The Suzuki-Orff School for Young Musicians provides exceptional music education as a catalyst to help children reach their greatest potential. Its innovative music curricula nurture creativity and self-expression; develop music and critical thinking skills; accelerate academic achievement; and incorporate family as an integral part of the learning experiences of children. The School brings together families from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, with a strong emphasis on reaching those who face significant economic and environmental challenges. The School’s acclaimed programs reach 400 children in on-site classes at its West Town facility and over 3,500 children in low-income Chicago Public Schools, as a result of which children as young as six months are enriched by Suzuki-Orff programs. The School develops long-term relationships with students and their families through multi-year, sequential programs that build on each young person’s intellectual, social and emotional development. Parent/care giver participation, partnership and empowerment are fundamental components of Suzuki-Orff’s methodology across all of the School’s programs.

Suzuki-Orff School for Young Musicians