555 West Glendale Ave., Phoenix AZ, 85029
Instruments:Ear Training, Piano

Styles:Classical, Folk – Country – Bluegrass, Blues, Kids
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:9 years
Rate:$42 / hr

Personal Statement

Though I teach children and adults in the Phoenix, AZ area, I also teach piano online to adults regardless of where they live.

Learning a musical instrument comes with many benefits for all ages. Studies show that playing a musical instrument helps develop children’s minds and keeps adult minds active. No matter what your age, learning music can enrich your life in many ways and developing skill on the piano is an excellent way to gain these benefits.

People learn in different ways depending on age and background. I use an appropriate mix of technology and printed materials and that enhances the total musicianship of each student.

Whether for children or adults, each lesson involves interesting learning activities and music of various styles. Music theory (reading music) is also included so you not only play the music, but you understand it, as well.

Lessons are given in a relaxed atmosphere on an electronic keyboard utilizing several educational features. In addition to the weekly lessons, active students are also eligible for the following:
*Trophy upon completion of each lesson curriculum level (8 levels)
*Participation in area recitals and performance videos on YouTube.
*Access to an online learning system with tutorials that follow the curriculum books I use in the lessons. It is very helpful for those times between your weekly lessons, when you need some extra help.

Terry Smith, Music Teacher – Phoenix – ARIZONA