Vita Cernoch 8431 Lake Michigan Drive, Allendale MI, 49401

Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:20 years
Rate:$40 / hr


Personal Statement

I believe in music as a sublime form of communication, the most expressive of the arts. As a teacher, I try to explain to my students that better they become in playing their instrument, the clearer the message will be. In my lessons I insist in balanced improvement of both technical difficulties and musical expression. Students should be introduced to both concepts from the beginning. One cannot have an accurate, intelligent performance without highly developed technique, and again, performance of notes without expression could be very dull for the audience.

I believe that to reach the heights of technical mastery a violinist should always question and reinforce the basics. Good posture and well set left and right hands have crucial role in developing a violin technique. I explain to my students the importance of standing and holding the instrument as naturally as possible. The full motoric potential and control over the instrument is achieved only with relaxed and unlocked muscles and limbs. In my teaching I especially focus on sound production. A consistent beautiful tone helps improving every other aspect in violin playing: intonation, articulation, rhythm, clarity, and expressiveness. I insist on daily routine of simple exercises (scales, evčk methods) which will allow students to spotlight and solve their individual technical problems.

Understanding the flow of the musical phrase and concept of the musical form is a great gift, but it needs to be nurtured. Playing just by instinct can be very fresh, but sometimes not true to the composers style. I try to explain to my students how important it is to constantly read and listen to a variety of music material. This is necessary in the process of developing their ideas and ways of interpretation. My goal is to point their attention in direction to all the small details in the score as well as grasping the concept of the whole piece, the big picture.

Education / Training

Academy of the Performing Arts, Prague, Czech Republic
Master of Music in Violin Performance and Literature, 1992
Principal teacher: Nora Grumlkov
Conservatory of Music, Prague, Czech Republic
Certificate of Graduation, 1986
Principal teacher: Jaroslav Foltn

Margaret Pardee, Professor, The Juilliard School, master class 1988
Oleg Kryssa, Professor, The Eastman School of Music, master class at The Franz Liszt Academy, Weimar, Germany, 1986-1987
Lubomr Kosteck and Antonn Kohout, members of the Smetana String Quartet, chamber master class, Prague, Czech Republic, 1986

Award for the complete recording and performance of Alois Hba’s String Quartets at the Prague Spring International Music Festival, Czech Musical Council, Prague, Czech Republic, 1997
3rd Prize, Beethovens Hradec Violin Competition, Hradec nad Moravici, Czech Republic, 1985
1st Prize, Beethovens Hradec Chamber Competition, Hradec nad Moravici, Czech Republic, 1984
1st Prize, Kocian International Violin Competition, sti nad Orlici, Czech Republic, 1977

Vita Cernoch