225 May Rd., Louisburg NC, 27549
Instruments:Theory, Viola, Violin

Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:45 years
Rate:$75 / hr

Personal Statement

My first goal is to help my students appreciate and love beautiful music and to learn to play artistically. Secondly,
and just as important, is to convey the pleasure of sharing music to bless others.

Laying a solid technical foundation, learning to practice efficiently, and acquiring good posture and hand positions are
indispensable, I believe, for proper development. While
using traditional etudes such as Kreutzer, Sevcik, Mazas, Dont, and Paganini, I always assign pieces appropriate to the
student’s ability. Technique and musical sensitivity must converge at some point; my feeling is the sooner, the better.

As a Christian, I believe music is a wonderful gift from God
and should be used to glorify Him and to inspire and bless

Education / Training

1971 Bachelor of Music in Violin,
California State University at Long Beach
Private Teachers: Vera Barstow, Virginia Baker, Henri
Temianka, Janice Radford

1974 Master of Music in Violin, Peabody Institute
Violin teacher: Berl Senofsky

1974 Jackson Symphony, MS, Assistant Concertmaster
Jackson State University String Quartet, 2nd Violin

North Carolina Symphony, First Violin, Acting Assist.
Concertmaster, Substitute for Concertmaster, Solo

Durham Symphony, Concertmaster, Solo Performances

Solo and chamber music recitals
St. Mary’s College, Duke University, Peace College,
North Carolina History Museum

Triangle Opera Theater, Concertmaster

Private Violin and Viola Instruction

Meredith College, Stringfield Chamber Music Camp
String Coach

Violin coach for Triangle Youth Philharmonic Assoc.

Eric McCracken