56 Beck Ave, Akron OH, 44302

Styles:Classical, Folk – Country – Bluegrass, Rock – Alternative, Blues
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:23 years
Rate:$50 / hr

Personal Statement

With over twenty years of college teaching experience I have had the pleasure of instructing complete beginners to the professional guitarist.
Teaching Philosophy
It is my firm belief that good form will lead to good sound; that proper alignment of the fingers, hands, arms, shoulders and so on will lead to a lifetime of guitar playing in any style. To this end, it is important to study appropriate pieces that focus on specific aspects of technique such as arpeggios, scales or slurs while maintaining an overall posture that will enable the student to excel on the instrument.
Like learning to read and write the English language it is imperative that the student learns to read and write the musical language. This is attained much in the same way as reading literature: consistent, progressive introduction of material. I believe in a broad repertoire that is built from the ground up so that new pieces are built on concepts learned in previous works.
Finally, students come in all shapes and sizes and so must the approach of musical study. There is a large amount of material available at all levels of difficulty so that while the above statements focus on consistency there is a surprising amount of variation in application so that all students do not look and sound exactly alike.

Education / Training

Classical guitarist and composer James Marron has established himself through dynamic performances of the latest in contemporary music as well as insightful interpretations of the classics. A graduate of the Manhattan School of Music in NYC, Marron has performed in Italy, France, Germany, Ireland, Canada and throughout the United States.

As co-founder of Marronprater dance and music co., he has composed modern dance music that has been performed across the U.S. and Canada. He has received commissions from GroundWorks Dance Theatre, The Cleveland Repertory Project and The University of Akron Dance Company. His compositions are available through Mel Bay Publishing in the U.S. and Berben Edizioni Musicali in Italy.

Marron has held teaching posts at Ashland University, The Cleveland Institute of Music Prep. Dept., Baldwin Wallace Prep. Dept. and the Western Reserve Academy. He is currently on the faculty of The University of Akron, OH.

James Marron