1223 Lake Plaza Drive, Suite C, Colorado Springs CO, 80906
Instruments:Audio Recording, Composition, Electronic, Other, Piano, Recording, Saxophone

Styles:Classical, Jazz, Folk – Country – Bluegrass, Rock – Alternative, Blues, Kids, World, Electronic, Other
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:17 years
Rate:$68 / hr

Personal Statement

I believe the two hardest forms of music are Jazz and Classical music. If you can learn those two styles, you can pretty much play anything. Jazz deals with learning harmony, chord symbols, improvisation, rhythm, ear training, and transposition. Classical Music deals with technique, musical interpretation, and musicality. However if a student is interested in other genres of music, I include those styles also in our lessons. I have been performing as a jazz pianist for 22 years as well as playing all other styles including classical music.

Education / Training

I am a life long student. I currently study with Gary Dial in NYC Jazz Improvisation Studies. I’ve also studied with jazz guru Charlie Banacos until his death private jazz improvisation studies. I have a Masters Music from Denver University in Jazz Performance, and my Bachelors of Music is from Berklee College of Music in Piano Performance. In 1997 I won the Berklee College of Music Jazz Pianist Award. My teachers at Denver University were Eric Gunnison, and Malcolm Lynn Baker, and Al Hood. My teachers at Berklee College of Music were JoAnne Brackeen, Ray Santisi, Neil Olmstead, Marc Rossi, and Ed Bedner.

Brad Bietry Springs – COLORADO