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Instruments:Ear Training, Piano, Theory

Styles:Classical, Jazz, Folk – Country – Bluegrass, Rock – Alternative, Blues, Kids, World
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:36 years
Rate:$20 / hr

Personal Statement

Press Release
For Immediate Release.
David Livianu
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Every Child Has The Right To A Free Music Education!
May 2011 – Brooklyn, NY –

Juilliard Graduate Offers On YouTube His 18 Hour Ear-Training Course For Young Musicians Around The World Who Want To Develop Perfect Pitch.

Romanian-born New Yorker David Livianu has completed a monumental ear-training manual for young musicians; it contains 32 lessons with over 1,700 pages of sheet music and more than 18 hours of pre-recorded audios & video sing-along exercises.

300 pages of theoretical analysis is included in the enhanced PDF version, which includes the printable sheet music.

Livianu challenges the myth that “Perfect Pitch” is a genetic gift and sets out to prove that anyone who practices these exercises diligently can succeed. His belief is that “Learning Music Starts with Singing” and “Dedicated Practice Makes Perfect” no matter what type of music you’re interested in.

David Livianu draws on over 45 years of music experience and has set out to make this material available to children around the world with the help of YouTube.

Mr. Livianu is a native of Romania, born in 1955, and holds a Masters in Music from the Juilliard School, where he has studied composition under the late Milton Babbitt.

David Livianu was featured in 2001 on 20/20 with Barbara Walters for his humanitarian work with older orphans in Eastern Europe; in 1994 Livianu published the 1st international adoption guide for the countries of Eastern Europe, 3 volumes, 2,800 pages.

Livianu’s ambitious project is called “i-Learn Music, 4 Free”, and contains 2 Volumes:
#1 “i-Learn Perfect Pitch, 4 Free”, released & #2 “i-Learn 2 Sight-Sing, 4 Free”, to be released.

Education / Training

David B. Livianu, Brief Resume


Activities1975 – present: music teacher, with an emphasis on ear-training & sight-singing.
1989 – present: humanitarian activities to help orphans of all ages.
1997 – established: The Dorel Livianu School of Music (in memory of my father).
1990 – research: child protection family laws in Eastern and Central European countries.
1990 – present: humanitarian work to help senior orphans in Eastern European countries Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine).
1995 – present: advocate 4 children’s rights & technical assistance to childcare organizations.
2007 – established: The GlobalAdoptions Learning Center, a free educational service,at www.youtube.com/globaladoptions
2008 – established: The Solfege America Initiative, i Learn Music 4 Free, a free educational service 4 children around the world, at www.youtube.com/ilearnmusic4free

Compositions 1. Classical, The Juilliard Years
2. Relaxing Piano Music
3. Romantic Piano Music
4. Songs for my children
5. Songs with lyrics

Education 1980, Conservatory of Music, Bucharest, Romania (composition with Anatol Vieru).
1982, Masters Degree, The Juilliard School, Manhattan, N.Y.(compsition with Milton Babbitt).

Media New York Times, Interview
CNN International, Interview
20/20 With Barbara Walters, Angels in Adoption
The Barry Farber Radio Show, Interview

Personal DOB July 14, 1955, Jewish.
Emigrated to America in 1967 from Romania.
Currently residing in Brooklyn, New York, married and with 2 children.

References Upon request

David’s ear-training lessons: http://YouTube.com/ilearnmusic4free

David’s adoption writings: http://YouTube.com/globaladoptions

David’s music: http://YouTube.com/ musicdavidL

The Dorel Livianu Music Museum: http://YouTube.com/dlivianu


Lesson 1, Part 4b, Intervals in The Do_C Major Scale


David Livianu