Brad Pike 3155 S Hidden Valley Dr., St. George UT, 84790
Instruments:Audio Recording, Composition, Ear Training, Electric Bass, Guitar, Music Business, Other, Recording, Theory

Styles: Classical, Jazz, Folk – Country – Bluegrass, Rock – Alternative, Blues, Kids, Electronic, Other
Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience: 30 years
Rate: $20 / hr


Personal Statement


In General:

I tell all my students that I am not their teacher they are. I am more of a guide having already gone where they want to go. For the most part, I believe we all teach ourselves how to play – sitting alone in a room. So its my job to give them the tools and techniques on how to do this most effectively. I make it clear that nobody is going to learn how to play by sitting with me for half an hour once a week. Our time together is more of a map making effort its up to them to actually go on the journey. I also believe it is of the utmost importance for the student to have fun in the lessons with me as well as on their instrument at home (or wherever), as soon as possible.

More Specifically:

On a weekly basis I usually give each student three things to work on until the next lesson. This usually includes some sort of finger exercise (often these are scales), some sort of strumming exercise (learning chords), and a song (which often takes a few weeks). When I think they are ready I have them get a book and we include learning to read standard notation in the weekly lesson. I am really big on rhythm and push them to play everything to a steady pulse (consistent tempo). I also always include music fundamentals in the lessons (intervals, chord and scale construction, song writing, etc…). And, of course, I really emphasize the importance of listening to music.

Having said all that I really try to be creative in my approach based on the individual. How I teach varies from student to student. Finally I think about this stuff quite a bit, and am constantly trying to improve my methods of helping others achieve their goals in music so my teaching philosophy is constantly changing (hopefully improving!) but I suppose this will suffice for now…

Education / Training

I have a Bachelors Degree in Music Performance with an Emphasis on Guitar from Utah State University where I was extremely fortunate to study under Prof. Mike Christiansen.

4 Song Medley (see video description for details)

Medley of 4 Covers: Including “Personal Jesus” and “Under the Bridge” from Brad Pike on Vimeo .
“Mood For A Day” – Solo Classical Guitar Style Performance (see video description for details)

“Mood For a Day” (Steve Howe/Yes Cover) from Brad Pike on Vimeo .

Brad Pike