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Alphabet City Music Workshops offer a fresh approach in a fun, interactive environment. All workshops currently take place on weekday evenings, once a week for 4-5 consecutive weeks depending on the workshop. All ages are welcome. Small class sizes mean the instructor can spend time addressing each student’s questions and involve the class as a whole in the learning process. These are not dull lectures! A free 100+ page workbook, written by Alphabet City Music’s founder and instructor, Tamara Hey features original lessons and exercises that have proven to clarify even the most challenging of concepts. Our signature workshop, “Chart Writing for Songwriters and Singers” started it all, offering the working musician the opportunity to learn an invaluable skill. Although not exclusive to songwriters and singers (everyone is welcome), very often, songwriters and singers need to communicate with other musicians such as band members or studio musicians but lack the experience or training to do so with complete confidence. In the Chart Writing Workshop, the focus is on creating professional, clear and accurate lead sheets and charts for other musicians to read and play. This is accomplished through various in-class and at-home exercises as well as working on the students’ own charts. There are some prerequisite theory requirements for this class, all available through our other workshops. Alphabet City Music Workshops also offers the very popular “Basic Music Theory Intensive Express Workshop” which covers an extensive amount of material over a 5-week period. A 100-page workbook of all original lessons and exercises with audio is included in the cost of registration. This workshop is designed for students with a background in music and at least some music theory. Our “Basic Music Theory” and Ear Training/Transcription” Workshops are available as level 1 and 2 courses. These offer a steady-paced environment in which to learn the basics and are designed for the beginning student or anyone who wants to brush up on these subjects.

Alphabet City Music Workshops