Dr. Tram Sparks North Palm Drive, Los Angeles CA, 90210
Instruments:Chorus, Conducting, Ear Training, Piano, Theory

Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:15+ years
Rate:$0 / hr


Personal Statement

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I am passionate about helping students experience music in a more meaningful way and realize their personal musical goals. I am available for beginner to advanced students, for the professional artist, or simply for personal enrichment.

Piano lessons will help the student to develop a deeper understanding of expressivity in performance as well as improvement in technique. Students will not only improve as performers, but will also gain an appreciation for, and understanding of, diverse musical styles and various composers throughout history and into modernity.

Conducting lessons focus on achieving greater expressivity through mastery of conducting technique. Based on Laban Movement Analysis principles, conducting technique is addressed in light of the overall goal of increasing the conductors expressivity the ability to communicate musical ideas in an effective and captivating way to both ensemble and audience. Lessons can be tailored to meet the needs of audition preparation or rehearsal planning.

Theory and musicianship lessons are geared toward helping the student meet individual goals for sightreading, score-reading, sight-singing (optional inclusion of solfege lessons), and general mastery and understanding of music theory.

Dr. Tram Sparks