8231 Circle Tree Lane, 8231 Circle Tree Lane, Charlotte NC, 28277
Instruments:Electric Bass

Styles:Jazz, Rock – Alternative, World, Electronic, Other
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:3+ years
Rate:$20 / hr

Personal Statement

My sole focus is specifically the bass guitar. I help create a foundation for yourself and your education of the bass guitar. I will help you find YOUR way of learning, using tradition and non-tradition learning methods. Want to learn bass techniques? From from picking and finger style to slapping and tapping, I will make sure you find your confortable playing style.
My goal is to help you learn how to teach yourself.

Education / Training

Seven years experience.
Three years of performance experience.
Berklee bass lines program.
Kai Eckhardt mentorship program.


Solo Bassist – Artist: Alex Kalicinski Title: Validity

Solo Bassist – Artist: Alex Kalicinski Title: Worthy

Bass Funk Fusion (Fingerstyle/Slap Bass)

Alex Kalicinski