upon request, Winona Lake IN, 46590
Instruments:Flute, Piano, Piccolo

Styles:Classical, Kids
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:15 years
Rate:$25 / hr

Personal Statement

Half-hour, 45-minute, and Hour lessons are offered
Flute Ensemble group lessons are also offered

In providing lessons to music students of all ages, I desire to mentor students in the art of music. A student under my tutelage will learn to communicate with a beautiful sound, playing as an expressive musician. Additionally, students will encounter and master various technical and theoretical elements through the study of appropriate musical literature.

As teacher, I assess a student’s progress on a weekly basis in order to encourage each student in their weaknesses and strengths. Lesson materials will be chosen to fit the assessed needs of each individual student.

Performing opportunities are provided to all students in the form of studio recitals. Additionally, students are encouraged to enter their school sponsored ISSMA solo/ensemble contest, provide special music in their local church or other community venues, and display their talents for family and friends.

Education / Training

Dawn is thankful to have been introduced to the complicated, yet expressive language of music at a young age. Although she began learning music fundamentals on piano, the flute has been her love since the sixth grade. Her appreciation for the flute has grown since then with each year of study.

Dawn received a B.S. in Music Education from Grace College and holds a State of Indiana Teacher’s License in music all-grade/all-area. Dawn has studied flute under Sharon Sparrow, principal flutist of Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and Elizabeth Rowe, principal flutist of Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Dawn has performed with the Grace Community Orchestra, in which she was also a featured soloist, Lake Area Community Band, Maple City Chamber Orchestra, Wagon Wheel Theatre, and currently performs as a member of the Gentle Winds Trio and Symphony of the Lakes.

Dawn Engler