5217 Beachside Drive, Minnetonka MN, 55343

Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:1 years
Rate:$25 / hr

Personal Statement

I began my study of the piano later than most students who eventually go on to study at the college level. I was eleven years old when I began my studies (under Ludmila Pivovarova), and because of my maturity and commitment level, I devoted myself to accelerating quickly and efficiently so that I could become a serious and advanced student. I attended Gustavus Adolphus College, where I studied piano with Dr. Esther Wang and collaborated with Dr. Yumiko Oshima-Ryan. I am passionate about classical music and consistently strive for improvement. I graduated in May 2010 and currently have one student whom I am teaching privately, and I am eager to work with more students. I want to teach my students to become disciplined and motivated so that they can become successful and well-rounded musicians who are not solely technically virtuosic, but also musically mature. I believe in teaching my students that music is not only a timely commitment, but a life-long dedication that enhances your understanding of a multitude of fields.

– Gustavus Music Award for piano (audition merit scholarship)
– Winner of the 2009 Gustavus Concerto/Aria competition. I performed Bach’s Keyboard Concerto in D Minor BWV 1052 with the Gustavus Symphony Orchestra
– Department selected/auditioned soloist for the Gustavus Music Honors Recital. Performed two movements from Bach’s Partita No.2 in C Minor, BWV 826 (specifically, the Sarabande and Rondo)

Fun Facts
– My favorite two composers are J.S. Bach and Mozart and I believe that a thorough understanding of counterpoint helps students acquire a better understanding of later genres
– I have also studied voice, sung in choirs for as long as I can remember, and currently sing with the Minnetonka Choral Society

Azra Halilovic