31 West 69th Street, 31 West 69th Street, New York City NY, 10023
Instruments:Conducting, Ear Training, Musicology, Piano, Theory

Styles:Classical, Other
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:20 years
Rate:$60 / hr

Personal Statement

Supportive and encouraging, I guide students step-by-step toward mastery of the keyboard and musical expression. My method as a teacher is to streamline the learning process by removing obstacles and guiding students toward their goals at a natural and unforced pace.

Because every student is unique, each lesson is tailored to the student’s individual strengths, challenges, and interests. Musical preferences are incorporated into lessons because students are more likely to practice the music that truly inspires them.

I provide a solid foundation in keyboard technique and musicianship so that students are empowered to explore any kind of music. Igniting the imagination of students, and providing them with the tools to realize their highest potential is the basis of my teaching.

Whether classical or popular music is your focus, refining various aspects of keyboard technique is always front-and-center. Understanding musical structure is essential so that you have a clear grasp of the composition: this makes sight-reading and memorization easier, and the technical complexities seem less daunting when the composition structure is understood. A solid foundation of musicianship and technique empowers you bring your musical aspirations to life with vibrancy, persuasiveness, and completeness.

I am very interested in your musical preferences, because it is easier for you to practice with conviction those pieces that you truly love. The piano repertoire is vast with an abundance of excellent music in every genre. For the sake of musical adventure, I encourage students to explore various parts of the repertoire they may not have otherwise previously considered.

Jonathan Baker City – NEW YORK