Shauna Park 321 Changebridge Road, Pine Brook NJ, 07058
Instruments:Audio Recording, Chorus, Composition, Ear Training, Music Business, Music Therapy, Other, Piano, Recording, Theory, Voice

Styles:Classical, Jazz, Folk – Country – Bluegrass, Rock – Alternative, Blues, Kids, World, Electronic, Other
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:11 years
Rate:$65 / hr


Personal Statement

1 LESSON per week:

**********30 minutes: $40
**********45 minutes: $55
********** 1 Hour: $65
**********1 1/2 Hour Intensive: $105

2 LESSONS per week:

**********30 minutes: $76 (5% savings)
**********45 minutes: $104 (5% savings)
********** 1 Hour: $120 (7.7% savings)
**********1 1/2 Hour Intensive: $190 (9.5% savings)

Teaching ALL Ages/ ALL Styles:

-Vocal Techniques
-Music Theory
-Lyric Writing
-Stage Performance Techniques
-Improvisational Techniques
-Vocal Therapy
-Student Showcases
-And much more…

BIO: New Jersey born and raised singer/songwriter/lyricist/arranger/vocal coach, Shauna Park, has received rave reviews for her well rounded musicianship. Graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2004 and growing up in a musical home, music was never a shy skill in the Park household. Beyond music, her other accomplishments included abstract art pieces that were placed in college museums, at the tender age of 7, a former volleyball star and successful coach, and not to mention qualifier and runner up for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia as a welterweight for Tae Kwon Do, to name a few. Growing up singing in churches, winning countless talent shows all throughout childhood to college, to now performing for people like the governor of South Korea, songwriting for the music industry, and being rated the top vocal coach in NJ, Shauna has now grabbed her share of respect from those she grew up musically admiring. With her mellow personality to her creative musical edge, Shauna Park will truly be a history maker to look out for.


“Shauna is extremely professional. I had different music teachers before, but Shauna not only brings quality teaching, she also provides concerts 2 times a year, which brings us opportunities to use what we’ve learned and apply it. Her experiences really show and she helps me to see music in many different ways that I would have never seen on my own. -Jinnie Rhee, 16 (2010)

“Sometimes my friends and I have sleepovers and we put on mini concerts. Before I took lesssons with Shauna I was too scared to perform at my talent shows. I finally did for the first time this year.”=) -Maya Shabtai (2010)

“When I first started vocal lessons, I came with the intension of expanding my skills as a vocalist to see if I had a future in music. After taking lessons with Shauna, I am now a full time student at Montclair State University studying music and desire to be a future music educator myself. Shauna not only taught me the music skills that I needed to be a better musician, but gave me the hope that I can fulfill my dreams as one.” – Sarah Tarbell, 21 (2009) “Shauna is not only a great vocal coach, but she has also taught me ear training, music theory, songwriting, lyric writing, and other necessary musical skills to get me ready for music college. In addition, with her connections at some of the top music schools in the east coast like, The Juilliard School, Manhattan School of Music, The Mannes School, Berklee College of Music, and others, I am fully confident that I will be set for my future in Music.” – Anna Lee, 16 (2009)

“Shauna help me get into Berklee College of Music! I received a Full Presidential Scholarship. THANK YOU SHAUNA!” Anna Lee, 17 (2010)

“Shauna is really cool to be around and brings great energy to the lessons. As a student in Manhattan, she is very affordable compared to the other teachers in this area who seek more of the business than being personally responsible for the success of students growth. She commits to the highest level and most importantly cares. There are many music teachers out there who are good musicians, but not so good in the teaching department. Shauna brings back faith that there are true instructors out there that can be trusted. I’m glad that I found her and desire to be taught from her for years to come.” – Jennifer Mohamed, 21 (2009)

“Shauna is my favorite teacher and I love singing with her.” – Leanne Shabtai, 6 (2008)

Education / Training

Professional Music Degree from Berklee College of Music with a concentrate in Performance. Recording Artist/ Songwriter/ Lyricist/ Arranger/ Producer/ Studio & Live Engineer. 2000 Present Berklee College of Music performances: o Small Band Ensemble, Motown Music Ensemble, Contemporary Styles w/ Vocals Ensemble, The Chi Experience (Stage Performance Pop/Rock Workshop), Christian Fellowship Caf Night 2002 (Featuring Christian Recording Artist: Jeff Deyo.) September 2002 May 2004 Fashion Rock Summer Fest Competition. Created by Lou Pearlman. May 2005 National Anthem performer for the Governor of South Korea. October 2005 Paid Vocalist: Korean Presbyterian Church of NJ / Antioch Church, NJ / Bahn Sok Church, NJ / CityLife Church, MA / Remnant Westside Church, NYC January 1990 2006

Performances Done @: NYU, Rutgers, Parsons/New School, MIT, Columbia University, Berklee College of Music, Hunter College, Princeton, and counting.



Shauna Park