208 Pine Rd., Wallingford PA, 19086
Instruments:Viola, Violin

Styles:Classical, Kids
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:14 years
Rate:$55 / hr

Personal Statement

The study of music has been an integral part of a well rounded education for thousands of years. We believe that any student, whether a child or adult, who is willing to apply himself to this discipline can reap great benefits that last a lifetime.

All of our students receive a thorough technical foundation and we teach musical concepts such as dynamics, phrases and form from the very beginning.

Parents will be provided with detailed information on creating a musical environment at home, including age-appropriate listening lists, local concert series and music history reading materials.

We also place special emphasis on chamber music and introduce it as early as possible so that the students can enjoy music-making while interacting with their peers.

“When we teach our three or four year old child words and phrases necessary for communication, we at the same time instill a love for their native tongue, a feeling for its poetry and beauty. We should consider music in the same light. One must not only have the ability to read the great works of literature, but also be able to listen to and understand classical music. Music, perhaps more than any other art, can make us kinder and our lives more noble. Its language is universal and needs no translation, but it is capable of expressing the most delicate and deepest of feelings, that which cannot be expressed in words. Music begins where words end.”

A.D. Artobolevskaya

Serban Petrescu