327 e. 7th st. #2, brooklyn NY, 11218
Instruments:Composition, Electric Bass, Electronic, Guitar, Piano, Theory

Styles:Classical, Jazz, Blues, Electronic
Levels:Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:35 years
Rate:$100 / hr

Personal Statement


My name is Ben Sher. I am an Associate Professor at the Berklee College of Music and also on the faculty at Wagner College. If you’re a student looking to audition for music school, or are already playing the guitar at at professional level but want push to a new level, I can help you. I have an organized approach to learning your way around the neck, to push beyond just knowing some scale fingerlngs and really being to be fluid and unlimited in your technique and improvisations, no matter what style you play. Please visit my website and watch my instructional guitar videos for an introduction to my method.
I’m also a keyboardist/composer/arranger. I direct the jazz orchestra at Wagner College and teach a course in music production. Pianists I can show you a very organized approach to jazz chord voicings and improvisation. I use Reason and Logic to produce some of my work and can teach the basics of those programs as well. Ok, to hear from you!

benjamin sher