Courtney Herring 13800 61st Ave N, Plymouth MN, 55446

Styles:Classical, Jazz, Folk – Country – Bluegrass, Rock – Alternative, Blues, Kids
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:9 years
Rate:$35 / hr


Personal Statement

About Courtney
She has been singing for 30 years, in training for 25, and teaching for 9. She believes that music is good for the soul. Singing has been a lifelong passion, and Courtney absolutely loves helping others to find their voice.

She is a professional Singer, Actress, and Performer. Her training/education includes: NYU Tisch School of the Arts, University of Miami, University of San Diego, Coronado School of the Arts; as well as performing from age 4 in childrens theatre to college to professional theatres, such as the Granbury Opera House in Texas.

Her Philosophy
My method of singing is simple: a good, solid technique that gives you a free voice, and allows you to sing anything. Any genre, any style, any song.
I teach students how to find their own voice This is found through exercises, visualizations, practice, and sometimes, funny noises! There are some basic principles that are true for every voice: keeping the chords closed, and placement of the sound (vibration). However, no two persons or voices are identical, thus my approach for each student will be tailored to their needs. As such, learning about each individual student as a person is important to my teaching. All voices are slightly different and may need to be guided in different directions. I want to encourage and inspire my students; to give each of them confidence in their singing voice, speaking voice, and stage presence.
– Courtney D. Herring

Courtney Herring