3424 97th Ave SE, Mercer Island WA, 98040

Styles:Classical, Other
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:6 years
Rate:$60 / hr

Personal Statement

Piano Lessons at your home or at my private studio on Mercer Island. For Children and adults!

Every student has different needs and abilities and therefore my piano lessons will be planned with that knowledge in mind. I will provide teaching material and other necessary equipment. I gladly will come to your home so you don`t have to travel or you can choose to come to my private studio at my house on Mercer Island and learn on my Mason & Hamlin concert grand piano!

Every piano student will be offered piano recital opportunities; students will have the chance to share their new found skills with family and friends or even perform publicly. Performing for a live audience enhances the piano student’s excitement and joy of playing but it`s totally voluntary and participation is not required, most of all my students need to enjoy their lessons and have fun with it!


$35/half hour


Piano is a wonderful instrument to help develop interest for music and other instruments. Even if the student doesn`t want to become a concert pianist taking piano lessons can help with understanding sounds, rhythm and tempo, piano is very helpful to learn about the music notation, ear training and even singing. The training and discipline I received from studying piano enhanced my singing performances. Most of all, this instrument brings joy and pride to the person who is playing and the person who is listening.

For appointment or information please call: (206) 854 3875 (please ask for Dennis)

Education / Training

Music fascinated me from the early beginning of my life. I took my first private piano lessons from a well respected teacher, pianist, organist and conductor. He opened my mind to many different styles, composers and introduced me into the professional life of a pianist. I have studied music theory, piano, piano ensemble, Jazz and voice.

As a president of the piano club I organized numerous concerts featuring great pianists and piano teachers; Arnaldo Cohen, Andrew Watts, Radu Lupus just to name a few. I helped to promote composers like David Nevue, Peter Kater, Joe Bongiorno and Mike Stricklan and other artists.

My goal is to balance high quality education with fun! My objective is to teach piano in an interesting and enjoyable way. References available on request!

Dennis Pierret