4115 E Anderson Dr, Phoenix, Phoenix AZ, 85032

Levels:Beginner, Intermediate
Experience:9 years
Rate:$40 / hr

Personal Statement

After years of teaching the SUZUKI method to my cello students in Atlanta, I was forced to say goodbye when I accepted a chemistry job in Phoenix. It’s been a few years since then, and I finally have time to take on students part-time after school.

I have been playing cello for over 20 years and I taught for approximately nine years when I lived in Atlanta. I grew up in a very musical family. My mother is a well-known violin and viola teacher in Atlanta. My father played guitar and my brother plays guitar. Two of my sisters played violin, and one of them is now playing viola regularly with her children.

When I was in middle and high schools, I was very competitive and always held principal chair. I was in the county honor orchestra every year. Also, while getting my bachelor’s degree in biology/chemistry, I played in the Georgia State University Orchestra. I learned how to play the cello with the use of the SUZUKI method, and this is the method I will continue to teach.

I have truly missed working with children and watching them grow musically from week to week. I am available Monday – Thursday from 6-9 pm. Other days/times may be available upon request. Hourly rate is $40, and a half-hour is $25. Also, references are available upon request.

Have FUN with music,

Education / Training

Trained under several private teachers in Atlanta, all of whom molded me into the musician I am today. One of my teachers played for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Although I have a science degree, music has always had a deep place in my heart. It takes teachers with compassion and enthusiasm to motivate students, and I had several teachers over the years that definately led by example. I believe strongly in positive motivation, and working with the pace of the student.

Shannon Bost, Music Teacher – Phoenix – ARIZONA