105-15 192street, Hollis NY, 11412

Styles:Classical, Kids
Experience:9 years
Rate:$12 / hr

Personal Statement

What actually sets me aside from other teachers is that I make sure my students are comfortable with me. Some students hate music because they desmize there teacher. I on the other had teach an can be strict but not restrictive.
Harsh punishment dont always bring about a positive result depending on the individual. I like to teach students how to actually read music, all of my students can honestly say they can read the music an not just memorize, there’s nothing wrong with this but what if it flyes of the stand. I can honestly say that I am a work in progress beacuse if I said I new it all then Im blocking my knowlegde to expand. I think that I have said enough an now I can let the music play on. Hope to meet my new family of musicians

latasha Johnson