Northern NJ, Bergen County, Manhattan NYC, Montvale NJ, 07645
Instruments:Chorus, Ear Training, Early Music, Music Business, Musicology, Other, Recording, Voice

Styles:Classical, Jazz, Folk – Country – Bluegrass, Rock – Alternative, Blues, Kids, World, Electronic, Other
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:15+ years
Rate:$65 / hr

Personal Statement

“The lesson isn’t about me, the teacher. It’s about you, the student, and ultimately about what I can do to help you achieve your technical goals (singing/acting). That’s really what my job is. There’s no room for egos.”

– Rachel Menconi


Rachel customizes each singing and acting lesson with each student’s individual goals and learning styles in mind. Whether working in a private lesson or working with a group class (small by design), Rachel is able to focus on each student’s individual needs & develop their skills (singing, acting, & performance) at a comfortable pace. She challenges each person without intimidation.


1. Gain a lifelong, solid, consistent, and healthy technique that they can always count on in practice and performance.

2. Gain specific technical and personal notes in a notebook and/or computer file that is organized and always accessible for review.

3. Gain artistry, performance skills, and a strong voice that will look/sound authentic; Singers will sound appropriate to whatever style of music they are singing. (No fake sound or look.) Actors will just be in the moment and truthful whether they are on stage or in front of the camera.

4. Gain the confidence to always put on a great performance.

5. Gain focus and a more productive mind frame.

6. Become self-sufficient by knowing how to assess a problem and then fix it without creating a new issue.

I work with all students to first gain a consistent/healthy technique and then gain consistent performance and business skills so they have the right tools to become successful.

The Menconi Performance Studio: Where you not only learn healthy voice and acting technique, but how to become a self-sufficient artist.

We specialize in Bel Canto voice technique for the modern singer. Each student can sing all genres without sounding too classical and without losing their voice while singing for long periods of time.

We prepare our students for the real world with up to date training and performance opportunities as well as showcases in front of industry professionals when students are ready. We offer acting lessons in Stella Adler, Stanislavsky, Chekhov, Meisner Acting Technique for theater and on-camera as well. We also provide services in song demo recording, songwriting, music video making (directing, writing, filming, editing), video reels (directing, writing, filming, and editing), and more.

Private lessons and group classes in technique and performance skills. Students come from all walks of life. All ages and levels welcome!

Owner/Teacher: Rachel Menconi


Rachel’s students have gone on national tours, released albums, are in bands, have been accepted into performing arts programs and schools (high schools and colleges), have been cast in regional/Off-Off-Broadway/Off-Broadway Theatre, movies (Noah, The Wolf Of Wall Street, Top Five), Commercials (JC Penny, Sleepy’s, Miller Lite, Bud Lite, Beats By Dry, Optimum Business, NFL Network Promo, Food Network Promo) music videos, and on TV (The Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris, Royal Pains, Smash, 30 Rock, The Good Wife, Law and Order: SVU, E!’s SongByrd, Golden Boy, The Mysteries Of Laura, & NBC’s The Voice competition).


Rachel Menconi is a voice and acting technique teacher. She not only teaches her students proper singing/performance/acting technique they can use while practicing and performing, but also she gives all her students the proper tools to eventually become a self-sufficient singer/performer/actor.

– 15+ yrs of teaching singing and acting technique to children, teens, and adults (ages 8+ years for private lessons and 6+ group classes) All genres and skill levels.
– SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists)
– VASTA (Voice and Speech Trainers Association)
– NATS Certified (The National Association of Teachers of Singing)
– NARAS “The Recording Academy” (The Grammy Awards)
– MAC (The Manhattan Association of Cabaret and Clubs)
– NAMTA (The North American Music Teachers Association)
– BMI (Broadcast Music Inc)
– NJMEA (New Jersey Music Educators Association)
– NAfME (National Association of Music Education)
– NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association)
– NSAI (Nashvile Songwriters Association International)
– The NJ Theatre Alliance
– Certified Artist Developer with Conquer Entertainment
– Guinness Book Of World Record Breaker with The Metropolitan Room (NYC) for longest variety show ever!

The ultimate goal:

Rachel’s goal is to not only make all her students the best performers, actors, and singers they can be, but to also give them all the proper tools they need to become self-sufficient.

Being a self-sufficient singer/performer/actor just means that they can assess a problem on their own and then know how to fix it without damaging their voice/body/mind. If the student can master that, then they don’t need a voice/acting teacher anymore and in a way become their own voice/acting teachers.

Of course, this takes many years to master and doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and dedication.

Rachel’s first album, “Just Meant To Be” was released on September 28, 2011 and is available on Itunes. Her music video for her original song “Don’t Even Try” was released February 10, 2012 and can viewed on youtube link given under the website section on this page.

Teaching Mini Bio:

Rachel Menconi has been teaching both voice and acting to children, teens, and adults for 13+ years. Whether working in a private lesson or a group class (small by design), she is able to focus on each student’s individual needs and develop their skills (singing, acting, and performance) at a comfortable pace.

She challenges each person without intimidation. Rachel understands that each student learns differently. Rachel is also a performer, so she understands her students every step of the way because she has been there, too.

Even the best performers get nervous. Rachel teaches her students the tricks of getting rid of stage frights and ways to always have a great performance even when life gets you down. Rachel also prepares a selected group of students for a performance in NJ and/or in NYC at least once a year.

Rachel is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA, The Recording Academy (The Grammys; NARAS), a certified member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, the North American Music Association, and BMI, and is the Artistic director/founder of Sunshine Face Productions and Founder/president of Sunshine Face Music Publishing.

Rachel has performed with many people in the business including Grammy, tony, and Emmy Award nominations/winners.

How Rachel teaches voice:

Rachel is a voice teacher, not a pianist or vocal coach. The only time she ever uses a piano/keyboard in the lesson is when she warms her students’ voices up. Rachel doesn’t use a piano because she feels she can’t pay much attention to her students while she is reading notes and looking at the keyboard. Her students either sing with karaoke tracks or sing to the normal CD.

Even though this is a classical-based technique, students are not required to sing classical music. Don’t be fooled! Just because a person sings classical music doesn’t mean they are being classically trained. Sing all genres.

Note: This is Bel canto singing technique, but for the modern singer. Students who use this technique do not sound like old opera singers. Students are able to sing any style of music, even opera (if they choose) easily and do not age their voices. This means students become the best singers/performers they can be and keep their voices for the rest of their lives.


Adult Weekly Lesson Pricing : (Age 17+)

– 45 minutes: $45; 60 minutes: $55; 90 minutes: $85; and 2 hours: $110.

Adult Bi-weekly (Every Other Week) Lesson Pricing:

– 45 minutes: $55; 60 minutes: $65; 90 minutes: $95; and 2 hours: $120.

Adult Once A Month Lesson Pricing:

– 60 minutes: $95; 90 minutes: $120; and 2 hours: $160 (there are no 45 minute lessons given for once a month students).

Children Weekly Lesson Pricing: (Age 16 and under)

– 45 minutes: $65; 60 minutes: $75; and 90 minutes: $95

Children Bi-weekly (Every Other Week) Lesson Pricing:

– 45 minutes: $75; 60 minutes: $85; and 90 minutes: $110

Children Once A Month Lesson Pricing:

– 60 minutes: $120 and 90 minutes: $160 (there are no 45 minute lessons given for once a month students).

Note: Consistency is key while learning this technique. This is why if you come more often, you get a lower price per lesson.

Lesson duration key:

– The 45-minute weekly lesson is highly recommended for children in 1st-4th grade.
– The 60-minute weekly lesson is highly recommended for students who want to get better at both singing and performance technique.
– The 90-minute weekly lesson is highly recommended for the serious performer.
– The 120-minute weekly lesson is highly recommended for the serious performer who has a performance or audition coming up.

Education / Training

Rachel Menconi has been performing/training her entire life. She has 20+ years of Bel canto vocal training, 12+ years of musical theater training, 10 years of Stanislavsky-Chekhov-Stella Adler training, has been in 40+ musicals/20 off-Broadway cabarets, 16+ years of songwriting experience, and 10 years of recording studio experience.

Rachel has learned from some of NYC’s and NJ’s best composers, casting directors, and instructors such as Judy Hages (Bel canto voice), Dave Clemmons (Dave Clemmons Casting), Benj Paseck (composer), Justin Paul (composer), Erin Dilly, Stephen Buntrock, Adam Reid, Brette Goldstein, and many more.

EDUCATION: The Stella Adler Acting Studio, The Hages Music Studio, Act II Performing Arts Center: THE Theater School, Action Theater Conservatory (ATC), Broadway Dance Center, Robin Horneff Performing Arts Center, Weiss Barron (ACTeen), Actor’s Connection, The Network, Various workshops and classes with industry professionals for 20+ years.


Official Music Video of “Don’t Even Try” Original song written by: Rachel Menconi

The Menconi Performance Studio Vocal Technique Commercial

Rachel Menconi