65 9th Street, 65 9th street, Brooklyn NY, 11215
Instruments:Drums, Percussion

Styles:Jazz, Folk – Country – Bluegrass, Rock – Alternative, Blues, Kids, World, Other
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:8 years
Rate:$40 / hr

Personal Statement

My name is Hugo and I have been a drummer since the age of 12. Growing up, I was fortunate enough to be exposed to great music from an early age, particularly JAZZ, FUSION and LATIN music. This helped me develop a very deep love and understanding of music´s emotional and healing powers, something which I try to constantly transmit to my students. Now, specifically in terms of my training, I was first instructed by my father at the age of 12, followed by brief private instruction and then continued on a route of self-guided studying on which I continue to develop today. I posses deep knowledge of the history of drumming and have develpoed very effective exercises to help you achieve technical mastery over the instrument. In addition I have a gift for transmitting my sense of musicality to my students in order for them to develop the necessary mindset which allows one to flow on the instrument.
Some of my influences from where I get my rythmic language:

Papa Joe Jones, Max Roach, Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Roy Haynes, Billy Cobham, Horacio Hernandez, Dave Weckl, Giovanni Hidalgo, Dennis Chambers, Tony Royste Jr., Thomas Pridgen…

In addition, I have great patience and are comfortable with students of all levels and ages, from toddlers to adults. I also can teach you every style of music, from Jazz to Pop to Metal.

In general, I would say that my combination of technical expertise, deep sense of musicality, knowledge of music history and my patience distinguish me as a valuable source from whom to learn music.

Hugo Manuschevich